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Hello Everyone! Newbie Here!!!

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Hello! Just last month my children were given a standard poodle by their grandmother, who raises them. She hand picked out one of her favorites that was the biggest love bug and now I have what appears to be a pony in my back yard....haha.

His name is Patch and we love him dearly, but I am going to have to learn about the specific poodle grooming requirements, etc. I only have weekends for the big grooming, but the kids are trying to help a bit through the week. I don't have much time due to being a probation and parole officer with the state of tn.

Patch has been a wonderful addition to our family and quite the little comedian as well. He is still growing at 14 mos old and I can't wait until he fills out and "comes into his own". I'll post pics as soon as I can, though he looks a bit frumpy currently.
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Welcome to the forum! Seems everyone is busy today but glad you are here. We love to hear about and see each other's dogs! And show off our own as well!
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