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Hello Everybody!!!

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Hi my name is Allaina and i recently got a white Standard Poodle named Mister. I have loved poodles my whole life however Mister is my first. I like toys and miniatures but love the Standards. I have had a week and already he is part of my family. He loves my other two small dogs and my horse. He is smart and heels at my side and is just an all around good mannered dog.
Oh and he is only 8 months.
My plans for the future would be basic and advanced obedience training and a CGC certification. I would love to get involved in therapy dog work too.
On the active side we will hike, try out flyball and agility, and maybe even tracking.
Right now we walk, bike and hike.

Im so glad i found this forum.

Allaina and Mister
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Welcome Allaina. Mister sounds like a wonderful dog. I do agility with my standards. Albert is retired and Brody will hopefully be competing next year. Standards are so vertsatile you can do almost anything with them. Enjoy your boy. Can't wait to see a picture.
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