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Hi, everyone! I’ve been reading PoodleForum as our family prepared to welcome a standard poodle puppy and I joined just to say, “Thank you!”

Poodles were all new to me, though my husband had a beloved spoo when he was a child. We used to have British Shorthair cats, who happily occupied themselves by finding sunbeams and sleeping. So when we decided that a poodle would be our next pet, I knew I needed a new skill set! This forum helped us find the right breeder (Tabatha/NOLA), discover training resources, evaluate food options, choose equipment... really, the list just goes on and on.

I’m so grateful to those who have asked questions, shared knowledge, and told stories. I’m better prepared because of you. I’ll still make mistakes — the puppy will show me when I do — but maybe I’ll make fewer errors and recover from them faster because of what I’ve learned here. And I’ll know where to turn for new ideas to help our puppy grow into a great dog.

I probably won’t post often, but I will continue reading and learning from you. I thought you all deserved to know that this forum helped us, both puppy and people, have the best beginning possible. Thanks, PoodleForum!
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