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Please help Mandy and vote for Electra !

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Hi, My name is Cathy McGinnis/Ridgewood Standard Poodles
Martina just introduced me to this group. I don't have tons of time for various groups, but like to scan and join in when I can.

I raise/show Standard Poodles with moderate success. I was blessed to have known Susan Fleisher, and gave her one of my poodles as a service dog when her Electra was getting on in age.

I, personally have/had a delightful poodle being specialled and was #6 in the U.S. named "Electra" who is now serving a much HIGHER purpose - her story can be read here:
www.ridgewoodpoodles.com/Mandy and Electra.htm

And that brings me to my BIG FAVOR to everyone here - Mandy's mom has entered Electra in a weekly "cutest dog" competion. The weekly winner will receive $500, which will help defray Mandy's health costs (Mandy is undergoing chemo for NF1 and Optic Glioma) - and she is only 8 years old.

If everyone could go and vote everyday, and pass the info along to everyone they know, it would sure help to push Mandy & Electra towards the top - and I just don't know a more deserving pair - or a cuter pair!

Thank you so very much!

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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