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Heartwarming Poodle Story...And, You Can Help...It's Easy!!!

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Poodles can be miracle workers! There's a wonderful story of a retired show poodle helping a little girl with cancer to feel better and have hope. Read the story of Mandy and Electra here:http://www.ridgewoodpoodles.com/Mandy%20and%20Electra.htm

They are entered in the cutest dog contest, there's a cash prize involved, money that would no doubt be very helpful in obtaining the best care and treatment for Mandy. It's easy to vote here:

Come on Poodle People, do your thing and spread the Poodle Love!!!
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It seems that they will need over a thousand votes to win...you can vote once a day...http://www.cutestdogcompetition.com/vote.cfm?h=B18298D7A53A5D717D6A1730FB52DE91
Please help Mandy and vote for Electra !

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Hi, My name is Cathy McGinnis/Ridgewood Standard Poodles
Martina just introduced me to this group. I don't have tons of time for various groups, but like to scan and join in when I can.

I raise/show Standard Poodles with moderate success. I was blessed to have known Susan Fleisher, and gave her one of my poodles as a service dog when her Electra was getting on in age.

I, personally have/had a delightful poodle being specialled and was #6 in the U.S. named "Electra" who is now serving a much HIGHER purpose - her story can be read here:
www.ridgewoodpoodles.com/Mandy and Electra.htm

And that brings me to my BIG FAVOR to everyone here - Mandy's mom has entered Electra in a weekly "cutest dog" competion. The weekly winner will receive $500, which will help defray Mandy's health costs (Mandy is undergoing chemo for NF1 and Optic Glioma) - and she is only 8 years old.

If everyone could go and vote everyday, and pass the info along to everyone they know, it would sure help to push Mandy & Electra towards the top - and I just don't know a more deserving pair - or a cuter pair!

Thank you so very much!

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OH, that little girl is precious. It brings back so many memories growing up with my poodle. Electra is just stunning.

Oh ya... i voted. Thanks for the link and giving a chance to learn her story.
Come on poodle peeps, can't you help a little girl out? She's got cancer, any hope helps, she's very excited to see her "Poodle" getting so many votes...check it out, it only takes a moment to vote, you don't have to sign up or anything...
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I just voted! I'll try to remember to vote every day, and will cross my fingers these two cuties win. :)
I just did my daily vote. They both are so cute!
Oops I did not see Katsdogsworld post thanks Kat for posting this !
I also just did my vote for today. Have voted every day since this was posted. Sure hope Electra/Poodle wins. Thank you for this heart warming story.

This was a great story... sorry for the sweet little girl, not a great story that she is ill, that is not what I mean.... but the poodle therapy about it is great! My sister and I feel the same way about the standard poodle, they are just the most amazing animals, so intuitive and right there for you! We are both smitten by the standard, we can't say enough good things about our crew!

My best wishes go to that sweet little girl... and all children like her!

I agree, all concern should go into breeding to keep that wonderful standard poodle attitude, temperament and health.
Electra is at 2275 today. Luther is at 3672. They have combined the votes from his two photos, and there is only one photo now.

Forward the link to all your friends, and vote from every computer and game system you have. We can still catch him!

Power to the Poodle! :)
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