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Ahhh wow!! I loved some of those cuts so much... The standard posing as a Bedlington really threw me off, I said "Woah that is way too huge to be a Bedlington!! But it looks just like one..." I was pretty confused for a minute lol I also wonder if they grew the hair out to make it look like that or if it really just has that big of an arch to its back.

That tiny little yorkie was the CUTEST yorkie I have ever seen!! I love that look on that breed, I think it's a lot cuter than the full coat.

I really liked the lion too, though I think it would have looked a lot cooler without the giraffe and zebra on the butt (though those were VERY well done). Just my opinion, though. :) Imagine walking into the petstore with him like that... people would be so confused!! xD How were the lion ears added on? Are they separate add-ons or just very well shaped hair?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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