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Healthy Treats and Junk Food

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I love the idea of giving dog's things like carrots and I can't explain why really. I'm just hooked on the idea. For several years now I have been trying to get every single dog that's entered our household, be it for training, or showing, or because they were born here to eat a carrot. Just a little peice, that would have made me happy. I guess Tibetan Spaniels aren't fond of veggies because I have yet to be sucessful. I might as well have been trying to get them to eat dirt.... which ironicly I have had several of them be happy to eat dirt. lol. Meanwhile tons of people in my training classes feed their dogs carrots as treats all the time. I started to wonder if it was just me :p

Yay.... I made dinner on Thursday night and discovered that Saleenie beenie LOVES carrots!!! She will sit and lie down and target and wag wag waggggg her tail and jump around and be thrilled to death about a little peice of carrot. I unloaded some left over treats of my pocket a bit ago when we came home from puppy class and discovered that Jazz too likes carrots. WHoooo! I love poodles LoL.

So I wanna know, what other kind of fruits/veggies do your dog's like??

What junk food are they crazy for. I also discovered saleen and jazz both like gummy bears the other day. Saleen in particular seem to be willing to eat anything at least once. She also likes marshmellows which I find really funny. I've never had a dog that would eat anything like candy. Wonder and Howie always seem to want a bit of twizzler or a skittle on road trips or something but when you give it to them they look at your like what the.... what is this supposed to be??? Not Saleen, she got all excited over the gummy bears... red are her favorite so we have a problem since those are my fav too.
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Wrigley started out loving apple slices (no seeds of course). He ate them right up... now it kind of depends as he is getting older. The other thing they all love is cooked green beens.
WonderPup, I realize that gummie bears are a lot smaller then gummie worms, but I am going to tell you a horror story that happened to us years ago. Our daughter was about 4 yrs. old at the time and loved gummie worms. We had a pomeranian at that time who was always trying to get a gummie worm from our daughter. One day our daughter dropped a gummie worm and the dog excitedly grabbed it up from the floor and swallowed it, (well thats what we thought). For about an hour after her getting the gummie worm, she would sort of cough or make a gagging sound. We thought that the gummie worm had just gone down her throat the wrong way and irritated it a bit, like it does with us humans at times. Boy were we wrong. In her excitement to keep anyone from taking her gummie worm away from her she had inhaled it into her lung. It dissolved in her lung, like a chunk of jello would have done, and she drowned from it, according to the vet. It was devastating. We have not had another gummie anything in our home ever since. Just one of those freak accidents. Our daughter is now 22 yrs. old and still talks about how awful she feels about it, since she is the one that dropped the gummie worm.
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Enzo likes frozen pineapple , chicken , I am going to see if he likes other fruits soon. I bought him some jerky chicken breast wrapped around a dehydrated apple. They smells so delicious he was kind of confused about them because I rarely give me people food he licked it then looked at me lol.
frozen green beens are the do anything for treat here.They also train with apple peices,
pumpking frozen cubes is a go to crate treat.
blueberries strawberries whatever if I don't like the looks of one they get it.
Murphy, aka the Divine Miss M, like celery leaves as well as bits of carrot - weird!
Beppo loves apples and carrots, dried chicken breast fillets are his favorite treats. he hates frozen strawberries though hehe. We are pretty conscious about what to feed him, so he hasn't tasted any junk food :)
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