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I went to a Healthy Dog Expo in Albany, NY recently and they had amazing speakers. Here is the link to the speaker’s bios.

Jean Dodds was one of them. I read her research, so am familiar with her findings and recommendations, but hearing her articulate it all was amazing. Her passion for her research was clearly evident. I appreciate that she has begun to change veterinary culture, which is no small feat.

Kendra Pope is a veterinary oncologist and spoke about a myriad of topics, many of which centered around improving general health. A large focus on alternative remedies, coupled with traditional treatments. She supported her presentation with many references to legitimate research. Her practice is in NJ, and hopefully we will not need the services of an oncologist. Should that happen though, I would consider driving to NJ for a consult. She was impressive.

Suzanne Clothier spoke as well, and had a special training session the next day. Unfortunately I had a family commitment and couldn’t attend. She was signing her new book “When Bones Rain from the Sky” but the line was long every time I looked and I kept pretty busy with the many other vendors during breaks.

Other speakers were Debbie Torraca, a canine physical rehabilitation practitioner
And Kim Gauthier, a nutrition blogger. Also good presentations.

All in all, it was an invigorating day! I was a little hesitant to sign up for an entire day of lecture, but the day flew by. I wish the Q&A period was longer, as there were many questions and they could not get to all the questions in the audience.

They have this Expo every year, but this is the first time I’ve gone. I will be be signing up next year now that I have seen the quality of it.
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