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Health Guarantees

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How important are they really? I mean all a breeder can do is look at health screening for the two dogs they are breeding and the dogs in their pedigree. If you see the documents, do you really need the guarantee? Has anyone here ever had to take advantage of it? How did it work out? I've seen so many that include exceptions and require you to return the affected puppy, that they don't seem to be of any value. I know myself pretty well and I could never return a puppy, never! I fall hard and quick. I was crazy about Bailey after spending 15 mins w/ him at the shelter. I was absolutely nuts about Booger by the end of the weekend. Same goes for Harley and the other cats.
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IMO a lot of health guarantees are pretty worthless, especially those that ask the pup buyer to return the pup. Who's going to return their by then beloved pet to an unknown fate?!?

The only ones that have any worth I think are those that agree to refund up to the price you paid for the pup if you occur any genetic problems - and that then don't rule out every possible thing that could go wrong. :) At least then you can put that money towards your vet bills and any surgeries that are required.
When I do have pups, I guarantee them for life. One good reason to do that is it encourages the new owner to report a health problem if it shows up years later. (life meaning at least 10 years).
A genetic guarantee of 1, 2 or 4 years is pretty worthless.
I have have four people I know who have had issues.

#1, A Golden who was showing signs of mild displasia at just under a year of age. The breeder ( a good breeder!) told them when ever they were ready she would give them another dog free of charge. They did collect on that promise a year and a half later.

#2 A Mini Poodle Golden X (don't get me started, I advised against it) Who at 4 months showed severe bi lateral hip displasia. She called ther "breeder" who told her she would say a prayer for him. The dog ended up having one hip replaced. The breeder finally agreed to refund the purchase price (1200.00) but the owner has never seen a penny.

#3 A Standard Poodle who had the day blindness (rod and cone disease?). This was not on the breeder's list of covered diseases, but the person was refunded their purchase price immediately and offered another puppy. The owner chose to keep the dog, and she lived a fairly normal life.

#4 A Black Labrador, who at 4 months started showing lameness in a front leg. The (well known) breeder insisted it was pano, or that she was playing ball too much with the dog. Eventually it was clear with x rays the dog had elbow displasia. When the breeder was given this infomation she told the owner to check her paperwork that she does not guarentee elbows. No support, concern, nothing.

It all depends on the integrity of the individual breeder. Get references!

I would say it all depends on the integrity of the breeder
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I agree with "Onlypoodles " ! It all depends on the integrity of a breeder and the way contract is made and "spelled" out can tell A LOT about that integrity.

Good contract goes IN DETAIL about different scenarios and options and sounds fair to a buyer.

In CA it is law binding document - so it is not even the question would breeder "follow " the agreement ! He/she has to !

Yes, the warranty is just a warranty - things can go wrong and we can decide to keep a sick dog anyway - but when a breeder stands behind their dogs strongly - that is a warranty that he/she did everything possible that was in her power to ensure puppy's good health and temperament. All else is in god's hands , as it is all in this life in general.
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