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Ohhh, there's purdy Gunther again. :) Looks like he surely enjoyed himself, that is they type of places spoospirit and I love to take our poodles... space to run and play and water to play in too! Great pics! I love the second one... he looks like he is standing on his hind legs looking around like a bear does...LOL. Wow, how often do you have to bath him to keep him white when you take him out to play like this... :) :)
He can get covered with dirt and sand in no time.
When we get home we walk straight in the shower and he gets a complete rinse..no shampoo,unless it's really bad.
I towel dry him really well and let him air dry.
when he is dry,he gets a quick brushing.
So really,it's not a major production at all.
Certainly worth it...so he can be a 'dog'.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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