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Have you seen this?

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This was on our local news and on BBC World News. The Poodle in the clip looks so sad

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If that dog could talk it would have said "get me the heck out of here!" He/she looked miserable!
$50US for a hand wash and dry??? Come on, people, it isn't that difficult to do it yourselves in the bathtub or sink. I can see possibly causing permanent psychological damage to a dog by sticking them in that thing.
Ugh, looks like an accident waiting to happen to me! Yuck.
Stupid inventions 101

He didn't look that upset to me but that dog was not clean at all......... complete half as* job IMO. ANd I could also see something bad happening if there was a break down, or a door jam.....IKES
I was visiting Chicago a few years ago, and went into this ritzy dog salon and shop. I will never forget the look on the little dogs face as it was stuck in this plastic dryer crate/box thing getting practically blown off the ground by the force of the air.
Poor dogs that have to endure their owner's laziness.
I know for my skittish, water phobic 55 lb dog, the $42 I spend every month to get her a bathed and groomed is WELL worth my money. If I found out a groomer stuck her in that thing, I would raise hell for sure.
I just gave my little Belle a bath and blow dry. She isn't too thrilled with the procedure even when I do it. If someone stuck her in something like that, I think she would be a basket case. I also think I did a much more thorough job. What a dumb idea!
lol, and of course it's only gonna be as good as any cage dryer to fluff your poodles! Poor lil thing. lol!
I just gave Lucy a bath and blow dry last night - she wasn't THRILLED with the process, but she endures... stoically... I look at it as a chance to prove to her that baths are not a horrible thing. They are necessary from time to time, and we try to make it as quick, matter-of-fact and drama-free as possible. Each time I give her a bath, she seems to relax sooner than the time before... Now, if I would shove her in that contraption, where do you think all the trust we've been working to build would go??? Right down the drain!! And as was mentioned - the results are very, very lacking! The dog looked better before she went in!! :/
Poodle: DO NOT WANT! $#@$!!

I don't see how that would dry the dog effectively unless the dog was walking in circles. If the dog was just sitting there, he would be wet in his armpits and his flakes and where ever else that wasn't exposed to the air. Besides, there's no way you can fluff dry a dog like that.

And how does that get a dog *clean*? You're not scrubbing at all, you do more scrubbing then that machine does when you clean windows.
They are definitely missing some "cycles" and "add softener" part :doh:

I think she came out worse off because poodles need "wool washables" combined with "heavy-duty" rinse :bird:

Now - not only was that stupidity "invented" LMAO -it actually found a market :fish:

Anybody knows of some other inhabitable planet I can move to ???? LOL
i dont have a problem with drying cabinets if used correctly.....BUT i do have a massave problem with these machines you cant wash the dog properley and all the water and shampoo goes in the eyes and nose and that a big no no
That is just horrible. How does the butt area get clean? The water is going in the nose and eyes, what about under the ears and under the belly,the drying is just like cage drying. I would like to see that poodle after it was finished. That is just cruel. But in another way there have been some dogs that I have had in my salon that were unwashable unless sedated, it would work for them, but then again it could traumatize them alot.
What will they think of next?
Wow, this is cruelty to animals!!!! That poor dog. :(
All serious dog lovers need to make sure that a thing like this is banned in their states and provinces, This is dog torture. They also use it on cats. I can just imagine puppy mills using it to prepare the poor babies for market. This idea is beyond dreadful.
Ha we actually have the EXACT SAME one in our kent store, its a self serve dog wash place i work at tho. I didnt know that thing was from japan lol. I do not ever recommend poodles get dried in there....it doesnt fluff at all and makes then super curly.
Its an ok machine, i personally would never ever put my dog in there. I always take the dogs out if they are freaking out.

Oh and it doesnt get heavy/ thick coated dogs clean that well at all. All the shampoo is tearless and my boss was saying its like being in a heavy rain.

It gets up to 90 degrees in there, i dont like recommending it at all especially for cats. If i wouldnt put my dog in it then why would i try to get a customers dog in there? Some people demand their dog goes in there, laziness mostly i suppose.
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