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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What are you thankful for?

In no particular order...

My husband - I am so lucky I found him early in life, he is my soul
mate and a wonderful man that always manages to bring a smile
onto my face. He keeps me strong and is always there to hold
me and dry away my tears. I love you, baby.

My Family - What can I say, I love my family, great people! I am
thankful for the people in my family that has already passed, and I
thank God for putting them in my life at one point. I also thank God for
the new additions to our family...whether marriage or babies to come!

My Baby - She's still not here yet, but almost 2 months to go! She
truly is a miracle from God! Can't wait until she gets here!
She's been kicking like crazy and it's just an extraordinary
feeling and I love it.

My Friends- You know who you are! I am so lucky to have some
of the best friends in the world who love and care about me!
I love you guys, and miss you all. Have a great Thanksgiving!

My Dogs - Oh how I love my doggies, I have always been a big
dog lover and my poodles always manage to bring laughter and a
smile to my face. Poor Maddie is suffering from Parvo right now,
I am continuing with her at home treatment (IV), but please keep
her in your prayers.

America- I am so thankful to live in America! *waves flag*

Our Troops Over in Iraq- Go Dad, Go! Brave men over there
fighting for our country! Poor Daddy is not going to be here for
Thanksgiving with us, but he will be home for Christmas.

God's Blessings- I am so happy to have a roof over my head,
running water, electricity, gas, and food. Thank you, Lord,
I know I definately have it a lot better than other people
in the world and even right here in America. Sorry Lord
that I do tend to complain too much.


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Happy Thanksgiving to you. We don't celebrate it here in Oz, but I will try and make sometime this weekend to think of all the things I am thankful for :smile:
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