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Happy St. Patricks Day - how many of us are green?

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Now come on, how many of you have green dogs this week? I can't be alone

Wishing you all a super happy day!! Jazz dressed up because she didn't want to be pinched by Saleen. Now Saleen, who is to dark to dye is in trouble LoL.

here are a couple of additional photos :) Jazz hopes you smile

A body shot. Had to fiddle around with the color in this photo, my camera washed her out to almost white. I think I got the color wrong in this pic - she is a nice light-ish mint green. LoL, notice that food coloring doesn't cover up manic panic ROFL. The color didn't take on her ears or tail much at all.... they are a lovely dirty looking sherbert color. Nice. I guess I'm going to have to break down and cut it out.

A photo of the first attempt last night, this stuff is MESSY!! LoL, It got everywhere.
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lol...I can't believe you did her mint green! This one looks like it should wash out better then the last color.

Jazz just looks thrilled! lol
Well yeah I HOPE it washes out! By all accounts it should. I didn't mix any manic panic in so it's just straight up 5 ounces of green food coloring on a dry-ish, (it was raining yesterday so she got damp from the car to the shop), coat. I have to admit that wasn't the inteded color but it looks 100% better than the first try. The first try was very odd... it looks like she had algea growing on her or was moldy or something lol.

John says she looks like a cartoon Zombie, or maybe a martian or something. He asked me via text message today if I thought I could style her hair to make her look like Yoda while I was at work. Uhhh yes dear, I'll get right on that..... dork
LOL! Too cute! Happy St. Patrick's day, Wonder! :)
If I tried to dye Enzo green he would look like BARF lol
Thanks for sharing I love the color green
ROFL, roxy thats funny!
Such a tiny cutie and the green really looks good against his brown!
She looks lovely in green. I like the sherbert color. And the little one is just toooo cute.
Yep that green sure does look good against Winston's brown - there's a poodle who knows how to accessorize :smile:

Can't believe Jazz's red is still showing, that stuff sure must be powerful! She looks great in green, just a little green envy happening here too I must say **stamps feet** I want a poodle I can dye!
Awwwwww lookit the little brown baby, how adorable. He looks great with his little green bandana

Blue you're funny LoL.

I've got the whole stripe thing figured. Since I was letting her coat grow out and haven't scissored any of that the striped faded but were never removed by regular grooming because there wasn't any regular grooming.

I've got a couple of ideas on how to change the process up a little so I don't lock the color in quite so well next time I really dye her like that.

All on it's own I am surprised that the food coloring has changed so much over the week. What started out as just the top part of the coat being green has morphed into the hair being green all the way down through the coat to the skin. I guess humidity is making it bleed?? I dont even know I would call that bleeding but it was the only word I could think of. The color has lighten and even out on it's own so it looks even better now that it did when the photo's were taked. A nice sea foam / mint green. It's actualy a pretty color now but for some reason I cna't get it to show up in a photo no matter the lighting. I even borrowed the salon's camera and my mother's camera but no luck. Oh well.... I guess all that matters is that I can see it.
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