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Happy Poodle Owner

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My Name Is Jenn And Im Another New Poodle Owner And Im In Love !!!. I Have Showed/owned Amstaff's (pitbulls) For 7 Years And Needed A Change From A Terrier So I Went With A Standard. All The Info Was Correct And Im Extremely Happy With My Decision.

So Hello To Everyone !!!!! :)
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Hi Jenn
poodles do change your life, I have had poodles(toys) for 18 years and now have 5 month puppy what a lot of work. tell us about your lovely standard.
Well my guy will be 11 months on the 24th August. He is a all black Standard named Eli. I had originally got him because my husband really wanted a boy buddy. So I did research of the things we wanted in a dog and a Standard Poodle was the pick. However a few months later my husband pushed him off on me and called him my dog. I loved him anyhow so I didn't mind. lol I have two little boys one that is 3 yrs that insists Eli is his dog. He usually walk's Eli around the house talking about Eli being his show dog. lol He's too funny!

Eli is quite the man for sure. Its like he just understands everything we say and he is very polite. He knows how to sit, shake, lay down, roll over and high five's. He plays with both my boys (11 month old & 3yrs) , Pitbull and Rat Terrier very well. He is a great dog !!!
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