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Happy 'Gotcha day'

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It was 11th of April 2007 when the vet nurse who works next door first got landed with a white spoo she never really wanted:

and over the ensuing 18 months she slowly became more attached to me, spent more time with me, and essentially became my dog except for the fact she went home with Sue at night!

And exactly one year ago today, on my birthday last year, I picked up Paris to take to an obedience show...

and she then came home afterwards....

and never left.

May we have many more happy years in our home with a happy white spoo. :)

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well it's not such a nice story when ya know she was being put to sleep at 13 months old, but the ending (so far!) is nice... LOL!

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:birthday: Happy Birthday Amy! and happy Paris day to you too Paris:)
I didn't realise that you had only had Paris for a year!
But time flies, I still can't imagine what it is like without Saff.
I hope you had a great day:smile:
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