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Autumn's first sunrise
Long wilted plants stir -- she glows
Delighted mischief

A first effort, inspired by this website and the reminder that any season that isn't summer is Mia's favorite.

Rules: The 5-7-5 syllable structure is flexible, but it should contain a reference to the season and a break that divides the poem into two parts, using either a line break or punctuation.

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Part I

My poodle love died
Breaking my heart that winter's night
for fifty seasons.

Part II

A yearning, one Spring
Or perhaps it was a prayer.
Not time, Time whispered.

Part III

Soul seeking old Soul
Reincarnated, my heart writes.
Summer's Fate writes: nope.

Part IV

My heart writes goodbye
Mended by my tears and time.
Soul seeking new Soul.

Part V

What's that? An Autumn leaf?
No, the heavens dropped a new angel
in my lonely arms.


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Summer siesta
Head curled in peaceful slumber
But eyebrows betray
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