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gwtwmom2 NO luck still on convining dh?

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How is it going on the 2nd poodle with the dh? Still holding out till you get a answer you want?
How is the gas issues going. I know the dh's never forget a thing they did wrong as puppies no matter how good they are now.

I so hope you convince him as it does help keep them busy to have a friend around. Do you clip yourself?

keep us updated and remember don't let him buy one thing for himself to you get what YOU want. he he.
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It isn't working...it has been a long week of frustration. I'm not giving up but may have to let go of the idea of the specific girl I was wanting. Wrigley starts obedience in a week and so I'm hoping after that - DH will be more open. Also, the yogurt in the food each meal has REALLY helped on the gas. So both of those things are in my favor. Money is a bit tight (like it is for everyone) and so that is one of hubby's issues. SO I'll just have to start tucking money to be ready for down the road.
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