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Guess how many puppies.

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Jessi is due on Friday by the first mating.

How many puppies do you think she will have? You can even try to guess the colours. Hint, mum is black, dad is black/blue. Mums dad is white, dads dad is white. Mostly white and black breeding. And to get really tricky, you can try to guess all this with the sexes.

This is mum running and dad stacking


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lol, this is a new pics p4p :pound:
LMAO!! OK, I did not see that pic before I posted LOL!!!! They are toooo cute! Look at those tubby little bellies!!!!! Did I mention that I am "blond" I have tried brain in a bottle and it DOES NOT work LMAO!!!! I am actually a strawberry blond, so there are SOME brains there, just not the observent onese and this time LMAO!!!!!!!! :marchmellow:
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