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Grooming websites

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Hi all
Are there any websites you could suggest that show a pictorial way to groom your poodle? I have found a breeder that posted a pictorial for my Cresteds and it helped SO much. So I wondered if there were any for poodles.
Also - do you use a different tool for their faces and feet than the whole body? Or do you use the same?
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I just got a Moser Arco clipper and for faces, feet & tails it is fantastic. I will now be using this and then my Wahl KM for bodies etc... plus scissoring ofcourse.

The Shirlee Kalstone Poodle Grooming book is well worth the money too. Very in depth explainations and shows lots of different styles etc... I have found it to be really helpful and has been my bedtime reading for months now.
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