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Grooming question

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The groomer I have used for the past 7 years has retired (bad wrists plus going for hip replacement).
The new groomer I found has poodle experience, I cn pick him as soon as he is done and overall I hope she will be good.
Today is the second time he is there.
My question...last time after getting groomed,he had a lot of static in his hair.
Is it the shampoo,the conditioner or what causes that?
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Is it cold where you live? I get static in my grooms in cold dry weather.

If she uses a conditioner on your dog it should reduce the static. Is there by chance a dehumidfier in her shop?? That can cause it too there just isn't enough moisture in the air.
I use a very fine spary of extremely diluted conditioner or a specific anti stat spray to solve the problem.
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