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Grooming puppies

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Hello everyone. My name is Lauri. I am fostering two poodle pups - I think they are miniatures - and I need some advice on grooming them.

I have clippers (I own a Cocker) and know how to use them I'm just no sure what type of cut to give these girls.

Right now they are total fuzz balls! I doubt they ever had a haircut. They are puppymill rescues so I'm not surprised.

I'll get some pictures of them now and post them.

Anyone suggestions on what 'style' to give them?
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for a foster dog I might do one simple length all over, maybe a little fluffy though. If they aren't matted and you have the time to comb them every so often it would be a shame to shave them :) I work with a couple of the private rescues here and groom their dogs at super deep discounts to help them out. I always go conservative with the style. The most reccent poodle I did for them I just did a #4 all over cute and simple :) It didn't take long for her to be adopted lol.
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