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I just did a couple of very cute lil 'teddy bears' yesterday:

both are mini poodles

and this is Lukas, who belongs to Jaks grandad, in a *short* lamb trim (they don't brush him, so it means there's only minimal knotting when he comes in for his next groom!)

*note, his tail is still growing out from an incident with his previous groomer..... lol!*

Personally I am loving the hair that Paris has at the mo, but it'd be a bit much for many people.... I love the look of the 'modern' (essentially a lamb trim, but with a bit more hair and flare!) and in turn the german trim I like too (essentially the modern, but with shaved ears and tail) though at the moment we're working on something more in line with a 'desi' trim....

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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