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Grooming mishap for Mandy

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So after long week of work while being sick and all the other crap around her I figure I will take the dogs and go out Sat morning as it supposed to be a decent day. ( 45 min drive to city then go to petsmart few other places)
Ok Fri night I clip bath fluff Mandy knowing she needs a few touch ups but she is tired as am I.
Sat morning I pull out the clippers to get the few spots and SHE LICKED them yep bleeding tongue so of course she keeps licking and blood splatters everywhere her top knot ears, then she licks both legs.
She is a lovely shade of YUCK Red now I put her on her bed but she doesnt sleep NO she figures she beter paint her feet and her back end.

We no longer decide to go out as she looks disgusting.

It is really nice spring day lets play outside all day then have another bath later.

6:30 pm I hear her yelping and I know they were chasing eachother outside yep they crashed and she took the brunt of it. Standing there paw in air crying. I pick her up cuddle her make sure all ok Brush off the dirt she has imbedded in her collar and ears. Put her down and she takes off to chase down Casey some more.
Bugger I bet it was all a show to get him in trouble for playing rough.

ahhhh Both slept the night away both dirty dogs at least she smelled clean
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wow. Talk about an ordeal!! Sounds like she was extra dramatic for you that day! Lol. Aren't dogs just the best!!! Best of luck and take it easy. My puppy was given a bath and a brush when I decided I need to let her out to go play for a while, well of course she finds dried up cat poo and just LOVES that, then she rolls in the dirt!! She's white mind you, so yea, bath was pointless! LOL.

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