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Grooming help

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Is there a groomer fairly close to me that would be willing to spend an hour or two showing me how to groom my poodle?

I would love to do it myself, but don't have the confidence to do it without some instruction. I don't want to go to an expensive school just to learn how to groom my own poodle.

I could bring Rufus to groom and pay the price to groom him plus whatever you think is reasonable.

I live in northeast Texas, 45 minutes from Dallas and would be willing to drive a couple hours or so.
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I think I do my lamb trims a bit differently then Gunthers cut, i think the groomer does Gunthers body a bit shorter then I take mine which looks really good so it depends on preference. I just started doing a lamb on mine not too long ago not sure if i like it or not.

I just started a new job and the owner has been grooming for 25 years or so, maybe some helpful tips she shows me I can pass to you sometime when i'm in dallas visiting.

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