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i ama professional groomer, soon to be owner of a spoo too and have many longer maltese clients. i would say poodle coat id more forgiving in that you can get a lot of tangles/matts out with recirc, hv, good product and once you straighten that coat the knots slide out. but all my maltese mat easy, and even if they groomed regular, with all my tricks i would say i dont get mats/tangles out as easily. so if you are able to keep malt in good shape you should be able to keep poodle. i think the trick is the weekly/biweekly bath and blowdry. if you let them airdry or crate dry its way easier to mat and harder to brush out. i let the water/product and hv do my work fo rme and less coat damage means less mats .
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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