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Groomer issues

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Well, I will be looking for another groomer.

Rufus had an appointment with his groomer on Saturday. My daughter had to take him for me because I had to leave town for a funeral.

A little history...Rufus has been going here from the beginning. I never liked the way that they cut his head. Rufus has a narrow head and they would cut his hair straight up from his ears. He really looked like a dork when I brought him home. So I printed pictures of dogs that I liked the shape of their head. Gunther was one of them. The groomer did pretty good the first time, but I got there to pick him up just as she was doing his head and I had to stop her. She was about to cut too much off again.

Well this weekend, when my daughter went in to pick him up at the time they told her to be there, he was still on the table. She watched for a minute and noticed his head was not cut like I like it. She said that she asked very nicely if that was the cut that her Mom requested. The groomer SLAMMED her scissors on the counter and went to get the pictures. My daughter told her that she didn't need to get mad, that she wasn't questioning her ability as a groomer, that she just wanted to be sure that I was happy with the way Rufus looked. The groomer told her that she was doing it like the pictures and that she needed 15 more minutes!

My daughter went to wait in the car. A little later the woman came dragging Rufus out by his leash, stopped at the car with her hand on her hips just daring my daughter to say something.

Well, I didn't care for the cut and even if I did, I would not go back after her attitude.

What do you groomers think? Don't I have a right to have my dog groomed the way I want him to look?

I sure wish I knew how to groom him. Then I could only blame myself if I didn't like it.
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I would definitely not go back to that groomer. Her attitued is completely unprofessional. Being a photographer, I know that customer service is number 1, and attitude is definitely a no-no; instant lost customer as well as negative talk about you that will hurt your business.

Groom your own. I have been grooming mine since I got them; six months now. I picked the brains of groomers here on the forum, read books, and did internet research. Pick your favorite cut, print out some pictures of it and just start doing it. You will make some mistakes at first and it will grow back in if you take too much off but eventually you will get it and it will become easy.

It is a great opportunity for bonding with your dog as well. My dogs and I love the time spent together every week grooming. They lay on the table, close their eyes, and sometimes fall asleep while being blown out.

Good luck and take advantage of the many good groomers on the forum to help you out. My sister and I posted many pics of our grooming attempts for feedback and it was incredibly helpful.
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