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Groomer advice?

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My regular groomer is my breeder's husband. He does an excellent job, and I love when Captain comes home and is fresh. He had surgery about three weeks ago. Do you think he would be offended if I got Captain's maintenance grooming done at a different groomer while I wait for him to recover? His hair grows so fast, he's starting to already look unruly barely three weeks after grooming (he got groomed the day before the sugery). I don't want to rush him back to work, but I also don't want Captain to look awful for the next few weeks! I am able to give baths and blow outs and brushing at home, but I am not at all confident about FFT or trims.
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He'd probably be thankful if you did it that way because there would be less work for him later. I think that maintaince makes it easier when you go to do an entire groom. I spend way less time on Harry if I upkeep his fft.
While I don't think he would be offended..i think he would be LESS offended if you talked to him first...perhaps he can suggest someone for you? Explain your concerns, reasoning and I think it would be fine.

There is nothing more frustrating than grooming a dog for a period of time only to have another groomer "ruin" your work and have to start all over..so that's my only reason for asking him for his own suggestions.

From what i've noticed groomers tend to know other groomers in the area..both the good and the bad..so just talk to him. I'm sure he would appreciate you being up front and even more appreciative of the fact that you want to preserve his work and value his opinion.
I wouldn't care what you did. I WAS scheduled for knee surgery back in January (which a later cancelled) But I told everyone I won't see you for about 12 weeks. I gave them small bottles of shampoo and a pamphlet on getting the mats out. I saw a lot of hairy dogs but none that were so messy they had to be shaved off. I appreciate their loyalty very very much. But I also know that no one does as good a job as me (in this area) and if they did go to someone else, after one time, they'll be back to me. No bragging but some groomers are such slobs. Their shops are pig styes and the bathing with cheap shampoo and not cleaning the skin good enough is cheating the customer. They all charge around my rates, but I just raised every dog $5.

So If you LOVE his work, call him and tell him that. Maybe he will take in you as a private groom, just to make a little extra money without committing to a full days work. I love days like that. I don't answer the phone and I charge about $45 an hour
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