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Just wanted to say hi! My name is Andrea and I am the proud new owner of a lovely male silver Miniature Poodle named Ashes. I started up an album for him and am hoping to connect with other poodle owners, especially in my area. Glad to be here!!! :D
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Welcome Ashes is so adorable !!!!!!!!
Thanks so much! His three month birthday is in two days and I am so excited! LOL. He's at 4.11 lbs right now and we're working on getting him to not bite on us. This is only the second week we've had him. Glad to be here!
OMG that puppy is adorable! It almost makes me want a mini over another standard...almost.LOL
Aww!! Silver puppies are the cutest! <3
Welcome to the forum, your Ashes is an absolute cutie. :) Happy almost-3-months birthday too!! lol
Welcome ashes. I love Silvers:)
Haha, thanks so much KPoos! :D I wanted a smaller dog and this little guy stole my heart!
Thank you!!!

We are thrilled to be here, I'm very excited and still learning. It's been almost eight years since I had a puppy and then she was already 6 mths or so. This little guy is my youngest ever!

Do any of you guys have silvers? :D
oh my godness! He's sooo cute!
It reminds me of my Piggy and Lola when they were puppies! :)
and keep posting pictures! :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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