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Greetings from TX!

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Hi there! I have a beautiful black standard poodle named Tribble. He is 8 months old this month!

He is my second standard and I will never own another breed of dog! We live in Texas where it is hot hot hot! I have to hose him down when he runs around outside to play since it is just too hot for a thick black coat :(

I hope to show him one day, our first show should be in October I think!

Here he is with his pesky older brother!
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Standards are amazing with little dogs. I was once in a small dog agility seminar with a former US world team member who runs Paps. The only "big" dogs she allowed in the class were a pair of Standard Poodles! They were so good with the little dogs - but with none of that goofy in-your-face Lab/Golden stuff that can be so intimidating for little dogs.
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