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Greetings from Central Florida!

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Good Day Everyone and Happy (belated) New Year!

I've been lurking on the message boards here for the past month or two and I have first have to say "THANK YOU" to all of the great discussions and information that is available. I have really enjoyed the exchanges.

My wife and I are a new parents to an 8-week old Black Standard Poodle (female) named Sasha. She joins our home from a great family/breeder in our area that provided us access to visit all of the pups since 3 weeks of age - so we really had a chance to observe all of the puppies and developed a bond with many as well. As you can imagine it was difficult to choose just one (lol).

Sasha joins our "pack" that also includes an female American Eskimo (Chloe) dog that is almost 10 years old. Our initial concern with introducing Sasha (or any puppy for that matter) is how Chloe would respond to another dog in the house. Happily, everything went well and both are developing a really nice bond with each other.

On tap for Sasha over the coming weeks & months, is Puppy Kindergarten; Obedience and Agility courses. My ultimate goal and hope is the Sasha can one-day be classified as a Canine Good Citizen ... but one step at a time - I don't want to get ahead myself ;)

I have a website chronicling Sasha's & Chloe's "adventures" together (and how my wife and I are handling the little-tornado through the house as well).


Enjoy and I look forward to getting involved on the discussions.


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Yes..Chloe's in trouble

Thanks for the nice comments.

Yes, Sasha and Chloe are becoming quite close and I'm very impressed with the patience of Chloe as Sasha continuously attempts to lure her into playing while Chloe would love nothing more than simply lay on her bed.

Sasha also is now running underneath Chloe (back-n-forth). Very soon...the tables will be turned since Sasha won't be able to fit once those long legs of hers start growing (lol).

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I have so enjoyed all your videos! Chloe and Sasha are adorable together! We live in the Tampa Bay area so it is not too far from you guys.
Sasha looks like a little bundle of energy! Our Wesley is more of a lay back, calm boy.
Thanks again for sharing your life with Sasha, she is a total cutie pie!


Here is Wesley when he was 11 weeks old.

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She's a little tornado!

Thanks for all of the great comments regarding Sasha/Chloe and the videos. I have a bunch of family up in the Philadelphia area and I needed to find a way to share, so I thought a "blog" was the best way to go.

Yes...Sasha is indeed a ball of energy. Thankfully, I think we just found the perfect outlet for it until I can get her enrolled in Agility in the later months. We just bought a toy called "Chase It" and both dogs love it!

I saw it during a video on YouTube when looking at Poodles and I scoured the internet to locate one. It's essentially as squeaky toy tethered to a extending pole (I'll be sure to include them playing with it on my next video).

Our biggest challenge so far is the constant mouthing/teething Sasha is going through - thankfully we have no shortage of chew toys in the house. ;)
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