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Some of you may have already heard of this site, but I think it is great. freecycle.org THere you can recieve FREE items and can also give FREE items away . It is a great place. I was in desparate need of a cpap machine, as mine have broken. I thought there was no no way I could get one but I posted it any way. Well 10 minutes later this woman emails me that she has one that was only used 2 times and I can have it. She gave me directions to her house and I went and picked it up. It was worth 1500 dollars or more. Well the next day a man called me with a brand new one, I told him I had gotten one the day before so he posted his and someone needed it. Isn't that wonderful. Try it out.

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I LOVE freecycle... I joined the one in my community and has made quite a few friends in the neighborhood around me. It really is worth looking into. I was looking for quilting fabric, and this woman gave me about 30 yards of free fabric, in the most beautiful colors, all brand new 1 yard cuts!
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