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Hi folks,

So is anyone looking for a great senior dog near Ann Arbor, MI? Unfortunately the timing is really bad for us (travel, kitchen remodel + 2 small children).

Adoptable Standard Poodle: Frankie: Petfinder

He's 8 years old, neutered male with shots. His nose (see pigment thread! LOL) appears to be a dark black although he's got some white hairs that I assume are from age. According to the folks at the Humane Society, he was taken in as a stray, but the family couldn't pay the board fee and claim him because they were loosing their home and couldn't afford to keep him.

I've been every 2 days or so to brush him and give him a little attention. He's wonderful with my 15 month old. Pretty mellow unless he's near water... tried to take a volunteer dog walker swimming. Has a slight limp, I suspect it's because he's 8 and may have some hip issues. Stood pretty well for my lame brushing attempts.

I'm just so bummed that it's a really bad time for us to adopt a dog, but am trying to tell myself that another wonderful dog will come along at the right time.
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