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What dryer and hair clippers would you recommend for someone who plans on always keeping the fur in a sporting type clip, sorta like the attached pic? Really never going much longer than the longest in this picture.

Theres loads of forum posts and online articles and what dryer and clippers to get for a spoo, but they all tend to be in reference to poodles who have their fur kept in longer cuts that are more complicated to keep up. Talking about needing really high velocity dryers so the long hair can be straightened and such. Not even sure straightening the hair applie to hair that isn’t really kept really long?

So since I’m putting all the time and effort in to learning to do grooming largely myself and do it right, I want a solid dryer and clippers that get the job done well. I don’t need TOP TIER most fancy on the market, but I’d rather fork out a bit extra $$ for what does a solid job to begin with as opposed going for cheaper options (like $90 dryers) that technically work but make the process take longer and more of a pain. Just wanna skip the part where I wish I had just splurged and got what does a good job to begin with to save the headache of wanting to upgrade.

So what would you suggest? For someone who isn’t doing the long all over real fancy cuts, what’s a good gets-it-done dryer and clipper? (Suggestions for brushes welcomed too!)
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