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good morning!

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Hi everyone! My name is Kim and I'm the very proud owner of an almost two year old miniature poodle named Theodore...but we call him Teddy because he snuggles like a teddy bear!! Teddy was rescued from an imminent bad ending two days after Christmas from a breeder in Knoxville, PA. We went and picked him up down there and he's been the love of my life ever since.

Teddy is a rambunctious little man, he lives to run around outside and he loves to be with his family inside the house too. He has a "lunny" that he plays with...a lion dressed as a bunny that I got him for Easter. He also has his favorite toy which is MY slipper. My parents told me that at least he isn't eating their shoes...and that if he needs that little bit of security when we leave the house, I guess that it's okay!

I'm a grad school student from a semi-private college...and I'm looking forward to moving on with my life and hopefully moving out of my parent's house soon!!

Good day everyone!!
<3 Teddy's Momma:cow:
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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