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Good Eddie boy gets the attention he needs

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Good morning All,
I joined in not to long ago, and have voiced how easy Eddie has been to train and care for 🥰 and what a absolutely great puppy
he’s been, but….
I am a single, living in a home with a yard, I’ve always have raised/ trained my dogs for a happy healthy life. I am a extremely active person, hiking, camping, beach, ect… and my dogs have always been right by my side, even when raising my kids.
The point to this is…
Yesterday was a of chores, with just a little interaction with Eddie (17 months old)
So after shower, dinner, ready to sit and relax… I realize… Eddie helped me realize I Need to work him, give him attention, or he would not be happy! Kids are the same way, they will act up to get your attention.
Luckily Eddie just stands across the room and barks… waits and if he doesn’t get a response barks again “ look at me, you haven’t all day!”
So as tired as I was we started with a quick run through all his commands “heel, stay” walk across the room “heel, stay”
Several times, he’s so excited! Then “center, stay” across the room and repeat.
Sit, stand … sit, stand, lay stand ….
Then a couple of rounds of find, Eddie loves find! And lastly a good quite sit down love and brush
So yes Eddie has been easy to me, but just like kids attention and interaction is important every day several times a day.
One other thing I can add is your energy will affect theirs, if they do something incorrect, when you correct them if you get excited with anger before you ever open your mouth, you’ve set the mood.
If your calm with constructive correction, they will stay calm and respond well.
Have you ever been around a women and horrible behaving children out in public she’s yelling “ stop that.. you better… stop it… listen to me … stop, stop ! And the kids don’t even seem to hear her (White noise)
Some times it’s hard, but self control and understanding you are how they are going to learn how to behave and temperament
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It seems that Eddie has shown you some of why so many of us say that there is a resemblance between poodle pups and human toddlers :).
Their desire to communicate and the need to have their brains exercised, along with their bodies, is a big part of raising a poodle.
Well done, both of you!
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