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Going to be Std Poodle Owner

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Hello all,

The breeder of our new Standard Poodle is expecting the litter to arrive at the end of May, but we are trying to learn all we can prior to arrival. We are former German Shepherd Dog owners for many years, our last one passed on last year. This will be a new adventure which we are looking forward to. The intelligence aspect and fun nature is appealing to us. The grooming aspect will be something totally new, but we are getting ready. Books, youtube and friends with Stqndard Poodles are a big help.

Looking forward to corresponding with more knowlegable owners than us !

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Welcome to the forum, David! You've come to the right place to learn lots and lots about poodles - they're our passion, donch'ya know!!?? :)

How exciting to be welcoming a new spoo into your home - are you hoping for a certain gender or color? Be sure to share pictures when your new bundle of puppy breath comes home!!
Thank you for your welcome


Thank you for your kind reply. Yes we are expecting a black male Standard Poodle towards the end of May. Comes from a very respected show breeder, not that we will be showing. This will be a family member and hopefully lots of fun. I am a little apprehensive about the grooming, not the work of it, just the know how.

Thank you again, hope to communicate again with you !

Hi DavidT and welcome to the forum. You must so excited!! Spoos are very special dogs and I am sure you will adapt with all of the help you will find in the sources you mentioned and the friends you will make here on the Poodle Forum.

We learned to groom our own poodles; some in show clips, some in pet clips. It wasn't as difficult as we thought it would be with all the help we had. We did have an opps now and again but the beauty of the poodle is that the hair grows back out and you get to try again.

Looking forward to seeing pics of that baby when it arrives!
:welcome: Can't wait to see pics of your new baby!
Welcome to the forum! I hope the wait doesn't feel too long! While grooming may seem intimidating at first, if you brush regularly, there won't be many problems :) You do not have to groom yourself, I don't, but it can get expensive going to the groomer all the time.

Look forward to seeing you around the forums!
Welcome David!! This is a fabulous place to learn. Be sure to ask anything you may have questions about. There is bound to be someone who can give you a solid, sensible answer.

I know how you feel. I have bought a puppy (black) from Winnow here on the forum. He is in Iceland, so my stomach is in knots, not knowing if the volcano is going to cause delays in his arrival. He is due to arrive May 12th or 13th but you never know how this will all play out with the ash and dust in the air reeking havoc on the avaition industry right now. Though I breed, the anticipation and excitement awaiting the arrival of this little fellow is pretty intense!! I sympathize with you.

Good luck with your furkid, and please share photos when you can.
Welcome David!
After having GSD's... you've got to stick to a brilliant breed... smart choice!
Also smart to prepare for your new pup ahead of time.
You'll make a wonderful poodle owner.
Enjoy the forum,
Hello DavidT
Wow!!!!!, what a coincidence this is, we too are expecting our first standard poodle, black male as well.......he was conceived on Sunday (18th), so he will be born on around June 20th. We, my husband and I had German Shepherds as well, with our female passing in November of 2009. After owning such an intelligent, loyal breed we were looking for the same, finally deciding on the Standard Poodle because of the high intelligience, love of water and outside activities, and deep loyality to family.
Like you I have done enormous amounts of research, reading everything, and we plan to do the grooming ourselves though I admit the task does seem quite daunting.
The individuals on the forum here have been so helpful already, and I plan to be asking questions soon on the best clippers and combs to purchase.
Well good luck
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