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Glad I found this board!

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Hello everyone. About to pick up 4 month old little toy girl (Silver Gray); currently own 13 year old large toy male, Pooh. Hopelessly devoted to poodles.

Have raised a mini, a standard, my daughter's 2 toys who lived with us for awhile. These two, Bella and Munchkin, have to be THE cutest, most active little imps in the world. Munchkin talks...honest to goodness. Have lost one tiny female; hypoglycemia and an ignorant owner (me).

Currently have been owned for 13 years by a very red toy male (Pooh) who is whining to get my chicken right now. His hearing is going, and though his eyes are cloudy, he is carefully following every move I make from plate to mouth, so he is seeing. With both children far away, and hubby who travels, I decided to buy my very own toy poodle. I have never, ever owned a dog myself. I am as excited as a kid at Christmas.

After days and days of looking, I have picked out a 3.5 lb toy that I will pick up June 25th. Haven't had a baby poodle since the tiny one passed away, so a bit nervous. Looking around for advice and help and ran into all of you.
I am looking forward to finding out what you all feed your toys as well as teething toys etc.

Any advice would be welcome! :wavey:
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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