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German Clip with Natural Tail

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My red Standard has a German Clip with a sweetheartface beard/mustache.

He is going to his groomer at the end of the month and I’m going to have her change things up and do a fully clean face this time.

I have never really been sure what to do with his tail, which his breeder left natural. I had it shaved at the base with a feathered plume the rest of the length of the tail (his tail is closer to loose waves than curly, which I find isn’t an uncommon trait with reds). My husband hated the base shaved, so we started growing it out a while back.

I have always been scared his tale would look silly shaved like you would normally see with a German Clip because it was left natural. And since he had the beard/mustache, the longer length on the tail actually balanced his look out.

However, since we’re going with a clean face, I think for it to look balanced, we should probably shave the tail as well. Do you think it will look silly with his long natural tail?
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I kinda think of a schnauzer when I hear what your describing, but with a poodle shaved face.

I think it'll look good whatever you pick. Poodles are so customizable, you can mix and match for a whole new look.


Also, learning to groom your baby's tail a very beginner friendly first step if you're ever wanting to take the leap to groom at home yourself. A lot of tail video tutorials are 2-5 mins because there's not much to it.
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