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German Clip with Natural Tail

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My red Standard has a German Clip with a sweetheartface beard/mustache.

He is going to his groomer at the end of the month and I’m going to have her change things up and do a fully clean face this time.

I have never really been sure what to do with his tail, which his breeder left natural. I had it shaved at the base with a feathered plume the rest of the length of the tail (his tail is closer to loose waves than curly, which I find isn’t an uncommon trait with reds). My husband hated the base shaved, so we started growing it out a while back.

I have always been scared his tale would look silly shaved like you would normally see with a German Clip because it was left natural. And since he had the beard/mustache, the longer length on the tail actually balanced his look out.

However, since we’re going with a clean face, I think for it to look balanced, we should probably shave the tail as well. Do you think it will look silly with his long natural tail?
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Here’s Bobby with his his natural, very curled tail.😊
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Check this thread for photos on what a curly natural tail looks like when shaved for german clip. I think it still looks good!

Agreed! What a handsome looking cut! I love the full German clip but never thought it would look good with Bobby’s natural and curled tail so we only shaved the ears. It looks quite good in this picture though so I think we can do it! I almost wonder, when it comes to natural tails, if the shaved tail would actually look better on a curled vs a straighter tail.
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So cute! I love the banana. Do you make them or buy them?

My Charlie’s tail is more just slightly arched.
Bobby gets a new bandana every time he goes to the groomer. I have a whole collection! Hoping to make a quilt out of them some day.😊
Bobby’s tail is something else. I can read him like a book by his tail. When he is worried, unsure or not happy it hangs totally straight down. His tail looks really sad when it’s down because it’s almost always up and happy looking. Show us a picture when you get that German cut! Would love to see it!
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I also have a red standard poodle with a natural tail. He went to the groomer yesterday and we had her shave his tail to be the same length as his body. We were worried that it might look strange but it actually turned out really well! View attachment 472894
Great looking tail! Great looking dog! Although I do love Bobby’s tail I have been wanting it a bit shorter but have been afraid it won’t look nice. After seeing these pictures of natural tails in shorter cuts I think a shorter cut on Bobby will look quite nice! I’m really appreciating this thread. Thank you, CharlesHooman for starting this discussion!
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