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German Clip with Natural Tail

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My red Standard has a German Clip with a sweetheartface beard/mustache.

He is going to his groomer at the end of the month and I’m going to have her change things up and do a fully clean face this time.

I have never really been sure what to do with his tail, which his breeder left natural. I had it shaved at the base with a feathered plume the rest of the length of the tail (his tail is closer to loose waves than curly, which I find isn’t an uncommon trait with reds). My husband hated the base shaved, so we started growing it out a while back.

I have always been scared his tale would look silly shaved like you would normally see with a German Clip because it was left natural. And since he had the beard/mustache, the longer length on the tail actually balanced his look out.

However, since we’re going with a clean face, I think for it to look balanced, we should probably shave the tail as well. Do you think it will look silly with his long natural tail?
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Thanks for your input. Do you have any pictures that show their tails? I would love to see them. Charlie’s tail slightly arches over his back as well.
I kinda think of a schnauzer when I hear what your describing, but with a poodle shaved face.

I think it'll look good whatever you pick. Poodles are so customizable, you can mix and match for a whole new look.

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Also, learning to groom your baby's tail a very beginner friendly first step if you're ever wanting to take the leap to groom at home yourself. A lot of tail video tutorials are 2-5 mins because there's not much to it.
Yes, @basilthespoo that’s exactly what Charlie’s tails looks like. It doesn’t look bad shaved at all. Thanks for sharing that picture! I do have a set of Andis clippers with a few blades and a guard comb set, as well as a nice set of shears. So I do basic upkeep and I’ve maintained his tail plume and shaved the base between grooming, but he has a wonderfully talented groomer who does the bulk of the work every six weeks.
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Here’s Bobby with his his natural, very curled tail.😊
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So cute! I love the banana. Do you make them or buy them?

My Charlie’s tail is more just slightly arched.
Check this thread for photos on what a curly natural tail looks like when shaved for german clip. I think it still looks good!

Thank you for sharing that. That is a very handsome boy with a beautiful coat, and his groomer did an amazing job! My boy Charlie’s tail isn’t curly, it has only a very slight arch and it isn’t always arched, he sometimes holds it straight, he’s a silly boy.
I think I’m going to go through with shaving it.
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Thank GOODNESS you lost the mustache and beard! AAAAAACK!! lol
Tonka was in a semi-German all his life. Left plumed or shaven, all tails looked good with it.
I picked up Charlie from his breeder when he was already 5 months old and his face had never been shaved. I wanted to go slowly with him so he wouldn’t be stressed or scared of going to the groomers. He’s one now, and his groomer says he’s an Angel for her, so we’re going to try for the shaved face this next time.
Bobby gets a new bandana every time he goes to the groomer. I have a whole collection! Hoping to make a quilt out of them some day.😊
Bobby’s tail is something else. I can read him like a book by his tail. When he is worried, unsure or not happy it hangs totally straight down. His tail looks really sad when it’s down because it’s almost always up and happy looking. Show us a picture when you get that German cut! Would love to see it!
Bobby’s tail sounds so expressive, I love it! And he really is so handsome, such a great coat of hair!

Charlie’s groomer puts a satin neck tie on him every time she’s finished up with him, which is so cute, but it dips in his water bowl as soon as he takes a drink, so it never stays on more than an hour or two. I’ve ordered him some really cute bandanas on Etsy but I think I might start sewing my own.
I also have a red standard poodle with a natural tail. He went to the groomer yesterday and we had her shave his tail to be the same length as his body. We were worried that it might look strange but it actually turned out really well! View attachment 472894
He looks great! Thank you for sharing your baby with me. 🥰
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