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The six pound puppy I brought home in a cat carrier has now outgrown a 36 inch crate. When he lies flat on the crate floor he takes up the entire space in a sort of puppy Vitruvian Man equivalency. His back touches one side, his toes touch the other, his haunches are against the third, and his nose is about three inches from the door. He doesn't seem to mind being crammed in, but he keeps bumping into the water bowl.

Tonight he is sleeping in his brand new 42 inch crate. :) Let's hope he likes it.

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LOL lil Galen isn't so little anymore..Renn outgrew his 42 " crate. He didn't like being rammed in there as he likes to stretch out when he sleeps. So once I felt he wouldn't destroy anything he gets the foyer and dining room area. I'[d take him upstairs with me at night but he doesn't do stairs, short stairs yes but those long stairs to the snd floor he goes up but doesn't want to go down. Someone told me their depth perception is a bit off ? I have no clue if thats correct but it makes sense.
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