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Future Poodle Owner UK

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Finally, after many years of persuasion, my parents gave in to my constant hints about owning my own dog.
After tons of research, and the disregard of many breeds (including the Hungarian Puli!) we thought it best to go for a Miniature Poodle!

We'll be getting our little Apricot lad from just near Blackpool Saturday 20th, and I'm so excited!
We have so far come up against a few issues however, what to what to name him for example, ideal crate size(we've gone for a 24"L) and insurance companies.

If anyone has any companies they'd like to tell me about, you're free to give me their website!
I'd also like to look further into dog grooming, possibly as a career(I'm 16) or animal psychology/welfare.
If anyone has any tips on what types of brushes I'll need for my pup, they're extremely welcome!

So, Hello all you wonderful Peooople!!
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Hello yourself! Welcome to the forum. You've found a great place to find answers to all of your questions. You must be so excited about getting your new puppy. Congratulations!
Hello and welcome! Everyone here is happy to answer questions, I hope you enjoy the forum!
Welcome to the forum, and congrats on the new pup! I hope you'll post photos.

Welcome to the forum... and congradulations on your new puppy.

I have had some dealings with pet insurance. We had the AKC Pet Health plan on our previous standard poodle. We only had one claim, unfortunetely it was a very large claim and we lost our standard poodle at this time. This claim exceeded their maximum payout. They paid the maximum of $3000 with no questions asked.

I think the only draw back about having insurance, is that it can give you a false sense of security when you are making financial decisions during a crisis. If I had not had insurance, when Suzy was sick I probably would have made the decision to end her life earlier than I did. This decision, cost me an incredible amount of money with the same result.

I will be registering our new standard poodle and will again purchse health insurance. The AKC's Pethealthcare web page is: http://www.akcpethealthcare.com/ I'm not sure if it is offered in the UK, but it might be a good source of information for you.

Take care and give your new puppy lots of love!!!

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