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Funny things your other animals do

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My cat Mickey does one thing on command: If I say "Mickey, let me wipe your butt" and point to the toilet, he jumps up on the seat and allows me to use a wet wipe on his butt--even if the wipe is ice cold in the middle of winter. He will even come from another room to let me do it. I've tested it several times to see if it was a fluke thing, but he's very consistent and will even do it when other people are around.

Weird but true. :)
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Perry taught everybody else a bad habit (minus TheQueen, she just sits there silently probably telling them they are all idiots). He barks when fire trucks/any siren comes by, taught TheGrey to howl (which he changes pitches like the siren does), and now they both have taught ProblemChild to get in on it. His is the best since it's like just a pitchy grumble, lol.

Also, the cat comes when called. He prefers "Icky Bo Ricky" rather than just his two syllable name. He also begs like a dog, and if he wants your attention, will use his paw to pull your hand to him. He is a dog in cat's clothing... minus that he enjoys trying to kill the furniture with his claws.
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