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So if you all want a good laugh or to go through a rollercoaster of emotion, keep reading.

I get home Friday to diarrhea on the floor.... odd?? We have 3 dogs. Norman (7 month standard) Millie (6 year old English Bulldog) and Maggie (6 year old English Bulldog who suffers from anxiety and allergies)...

I first I just blame Norman on the diarrhea because Millie and Maggie are fully potty trained unless they have a random accident that rarely occurs. So I set my stuff down so I can go to clean the mess and I see 2 pill bottles on the floor!!!! :afraid:

1 was the dogs multivitamins. Open. Empty. and Chewed bottle. Another is my fathers medication which THANK GOD didnt get opened. Of course I am thinking a million things at once.. How did the medicine get left out??? Who ate it??? Why do I smell vomit????

So I grab the bottles and go to set them in the kitchen and BOOM.... Powder packets for Cholesterol EVERYWHERE!!!!! Hundreds of packets scattered like confetti. Immediately I am grabbing them checking each one to see if any were opened and thank GOD I found none open. I was in a panic. So I go to the living room to start looking at who has the guilt face and I notice Maggie is hiding under the table. This is not uncommon since she suffers from anxiety. I go to see her and what do I see??? THROW UP on her face and on the floor in front of her with an orange pill in it!!!! :argh:

Yall I almost just passed out... An orange pill? how and where? None of the medicine I found have orange pills? Are my dogs poisoned?? Do I need to go to the emergency vet??? I called the poison control for dogs to talks about ALL the pills just in case... They wanted $59 to give me their "opinion" about the medicine.. What???

Throughout this whole mess of a situation I am calling Norman's vet, my parents, sisters, ANYONE who can talk to me on what the heck is going on. The vet said "You can bring them in, but their likely are just going to have digestive issues"... ok fine..

Finally my mother calls back as I am rushing to get harnesses on the dogs. Turns out, I was freaking out over nothing..

The pill bottle of vitamins was already empty, someone just just left it in reach of Norman. Also... The orange pill in Maggie's throw up was her routine antibiotic that we give her once a month.... The throw up and diarrhea was likely Maggie's tummy over the pill not settling right with her that morning... The box of Cholesterol powders were left on a shelf but likely fell and caused them to scatter about LOL! Lastly, the pill bottle of my dads fell out of his jacket pocket that morning as he left the house and he had been looking for it all day at work... wow!!!

Granted, there was still a chance of the dads pills being taken, but thank god they were sealed tight!!

I tell y'all what, I was really freaking out!!!! Please do not judge me or my family for this series of unfortunate events, thank goodness it ended well and we got a good laugh and a reminder to keep everything securely away and to double check!!! If you have anything negative to say, please don't say anything at all! This is just a funny reminder that THINGS HAPPEN!! We are not perfect!!:amen:

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Given the number and nature of things found on the floor, panic seems appropriate :).

So glad you were able to ignore it and catapult into action, and even gladder that the mysteries were all solved with no lasting effects!

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OMG! I wonder how you even managed through it. I'd be freaking out too! Glad it all turned out okay. Whew!:argh:
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Very panicking !

Once I dropped Merlin鈥檚 pill on the floor and Beckie ate it. I didn鈥檛 want her to feel groggy so I induced vomiting. Always check with your vet but it might have been an option for you.
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