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How would your Poodles finish this sentence?

Friends don't let Poodle friends ____( fill in the blank).

In our case it's: Friends don't let Mom's use clippers when they're tired. Honest his face isn't grey. I used #30 on the face & a little too close a shave. Yikes. His eyes crack me up. I'm working on a quilt for a customer & he's trying to convince me cuddles with him would be better. Mr. Layne is very wise



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Friends don't let poodle friends forget more then enough treats on a walk.

There's been a handful of times when I thought, "ah, it sure would be nice if I had treats right about now." Sometimes I get the same feeling on the last treat as when my cell phone battery flashes <<low battery>>. Ah! Three more blocks to go, how can I make this one treat stretch? (Rubs fingers with treat so it smells treaty). "Basil look at me" but instead of a treat it's a rub behind the ear. Only 3 more blocks to go with one busy traffic intersection, let's see how long she falls for it.

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Friend's don't let poodle parents eat popcorn after throwing their pups some sprats. 馃槀

It was SO GROSS that I unthinkingly reached into the popcorn bowl and ate a handful with sprat nastiness on my hands. HOW COULD I FORGET!?! Ew ew ew ewwww!!
That remind me: Friends don't let poodle parents forget to wash their hands after handling tripe treats!
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