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freshly groomed Candy

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After a few failed attempts to do Candy's face myself, I booked an appointment and had her done. Here is the finished product:


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Karen, Your little Candy is just adorable. She looks so SWEET, I can sure see why you named her Candy.
Thanks Fuzbutz. She really is as sweet as candy. Maybe sweeter. I have had so many people compliment her that I've stopped saying thank you and now, when they say how sweet she is, I just say 'she knows!' lol.
How sweet she looks :) Very nice :)
Candy is so adorable, very pretty puppy trim, she looks like my Pip now LOL:smile-big::smile-big:
Oho what a beauty! She looks like a lovable little cuddler.
What a doll! Nothing better than a freshly-groomed poodle!
She is adorable!! Sweet face and gorgeous color!!
I LOVE the fresh groomed look! It is my fav time to take pics lol! She is adorable and such a nice color too!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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