As part of the great decluttering I have a number of books to give away - just P&P to pay. Given the prohibitive cost of international postage these days I fear that limits the offer to UK members...

Shirlee Kalstone. Poodle clipping and grooming, the international reference. 3rd edition, Howell Book House, 2001 Hardback, good condition, cover corners very slightly chewed!

Jean Donaldson. Train your dog like a pro. Wiley, 2010 Hardback, excellent condition; DVD mislaid but I think the videos are available online

Myra Savant Harris. Advanced canine reproduction and puppy care. Dogwise publishing, 2011 Paperback, excellent condition

Turid Rugaas. On talking terms with dogs: calming signals. Dogwise publishing, 2006. Paperback/booklet, good condition, one slightly creased corner on cover.

Patricia McConnell. The cautious canine: how to help dogs conquer their fears. McConnell Publishing, 2005. Booklet, excellent condition.

Sarah Whitehead. Hands off: simple, gentle ways to teach your dog at home. Booklet, excellent condition

Lesley Nelson. Really reliable recall. Booklet, good condition

There may be more later, and I have a repro Staffordshire type poodle looking for a home too, once I have taken some photos!