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The breeder of my three eldest Standard poodles has puppies available.
My three have Champion lines from Pinafore, Bay Breeze, Anseth, Wessex, Maenell, Eaton, Heza, Leeron and Marquis. She knows that I am posting this.
Kathryn can be reached easiest by phone; (804) 732-7313 or [email protected]
Brown UKC litter, 3 month old (2F, 5M) and 4 1/2 month old white male, silver male and 2 dark apricot males.
She is an AKC Preferred Breeder.
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Can anyone give me any information on this breeder? Feel free to pm me. Thanks. :)
April, you will need to call Kathryn. She's an old time breeder, she does it mostly by phone and will email you any info. Some of her lines are Marquis there in VA. She reduced the number of dogs and moved into Petersburg.
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