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Hi all,

can you please let me know what food is good. I have been reading so much about food that Iam not sure what kind of food I should be feeding him.

He is currently eating Purina one.
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Talk with your vet about which brand is best for Your dogs needs.
BUT do not beleive crap about corn being neutritious. corn WAS good, until it was industrialized and selected for small germ and massive endosperm. Now 80% of the corn kernel is starch.. aka sugar. VERY little protien or amino acids. All of that starch only serves to build fat, and make puppies hyper. Highfructose corn syrup is just corn, water, a little sulfuric acid. the corn is soaked for a good 24 hours and then damaged. the starch converts to sugars and bam, u got high fructose corn syrup. The corn made in the USA is the lowest quality of corn in the world with the lowest nutritional value and the highest yeild.

Studies showing corn as nutritious are done on the old varieties of corn. In my advanced collage bio class we are studying corn and how it has changed over the years.

The STARCH in corn IS digestable, but the shell of the kernel is not. The germ is somewhat digestable but.. its so small now that its practicly worthless. So from what I understand from class and talking to a few vets, if the corn is where the sugar is coming from it is fine, but if there is another sugar source and corn is also prevelant, then it is being used as a filler.

note: many dogs can be allergic to corn. Never use anything that says Corn Meal as that contains husk which is hardly digestable even for cows..

Ultimatly it is beter to get a brand w/o corn but if your dog is not allergic and corn serves the purpose of delivering sugar its okay, though it will take longer for the fructose to break up into glucose so you may end up needing to feed more or feed slower to make sure your dog is getting the sugar. {if ur dog needs the sugar..}

If you want to watch a great documentary on how corn has changed and how it is essentially worthless now watch "King Corn"
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