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Crock pot chicken
Maybe you all have this already, but will post anyway. I don't add much to my dogs diet other than the quality food they are already on. But, when my standard Ellie was ill with severe ear infections and other issues, (thats a whole other thread), her derm vet put her on a prescrition food, some of which was canned. Expensive! Anyway, during mealtime my other standard Luke would stand and look at his bowl like, "hey, I'm not eating until I get some of that good stuff too!" Can't blame him. He really felt shafted. So I made crock pot chicken for him, and froze muffin cup portions that I then could pull out to add to his food at meal time. Helped us get over the food envy hump.

1 or 2chickens, depending on the size of your crockpot
enough water to completely cover all the chicken!
Let cook for 24 hours, bones and all! It will mush down to nothing.
I threw in a couple cups of veggies the last few hour.
Mash all together, yes bones too, and cool then store how you wish. I made up a huge batch so I wouldn't have to make it for quite a while.
*be sure to let your family know its for the dogs, because it smells just like supper! Yum!
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